New and Improved!

Hi everyone, I know I been a bad blogger and took a long break. I've never stopped looking at other blogs or stayed current with trends but felt unmotivated to have my own up and running. Maybe it was transitioning between places or jobs or maybe even just with myself. But, now I'm back and I want to make this place into my little journal that I keep of my daily occurrences (my own photos) or just simply stuff that inspire me daily that I would like to share. Please bare with me though, trying to write more and now that its not just going to be a "visual" journal. I like to share some thoughts every now and please bare with my awkward grammar and sometimes rambling thoughts that go on and on..... :) But hope I to find people that will enjoy my experiences and share their thoughts too. Yay! To a new now it all starts again dun dun dun :)