Jewel Bako East Village NYC

It was my birthday so the hubby decided to take me out on a date. He choose Jewel Bako in East Village. After reading NYC foodie Kathy YL Chan's post I was very excited. For $65 you really get about 15-17 pieces. The restaurant has a very nice intimate feel to it and once you walk in, you feel very welcomed by the attentive staff and of course the sushi chef. They even had books about sushi and Japanese food that you can read for first timers.

You are given all the pieces separately after the chef has carefully crafted each piece. I can talk about all the pieces I've had but pretty much every piece was amazing. But my favorites of the nights are the ones above. King Salmon, Brûléed Uni cup, and this piece that had Brûléed Uni between two thin slices of Ika(squid) that the chef made with such craft. I cant wait to go back again and wonder why years back I've never tried this place when I lived in east village.....