Berkshire Hills PART 03 - Day Festives

 What more can a city girl want? Fresh farmer's market produce, fresh eggs, wild flowers and maybe a tractor too, right? It was 3 days of pure relaxation. Eugenia cooked us fresh breakfast daily. Quiches, crepes, freshly baked banana bread, lox spreads, freshly made Mediterranean dips and fresh fruits. Thank you so much again Sarah & Eric ( Eric is in the last picture with our dog Kiki :) ) inviting us to this beautiful place, couldnt have asked a better birthday. Its not THAT bad getting old when you get to relax spend good times surrounded by good people. Cant wait to go back....... ♥

Thank you everyone for such a good time - Sarah, Eric, Rashimi, Takeshi, Eugenia & her cute bouvier dog, Lisa, Tam, Jennifer, July, Stehphan, Shilpa, Kiki and my love Jeff - Cant' wait to see everyone again!